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Autumm news from huskyfarm

We are livin difficult times all around world now. Also to our small huskyfarm  covid  hit now hartly. We dont really have corona in our area almost at all and in whole country numbers are smallest in europe  but   because of  travel rules it blogs almost all client out at moment.  We can only hope that someway there come possible to make some tours atleast in comin winter.  Our programs are build so that  there is not big risks to get or spread virus easily. But we can just wait and see what will happen and hope that our goverment make vice decisions around travel rules.

Othervice farm runs in normal way so dogs are allready runnin training loops  and will be ready for season if and when it comes. Dogs we have  total 88  in farm at moment.  Our new safarihouse  start to be complete ready ,our old one  burn down totally in end of october  two year ago.  Little later also our biggest partner Ski-hotel syƶte burn and we lost most of client  for past 2 season. Together with this corona time we have been not able to make any full season since  3 years.  But Hotel is open again and we also have new building and  we are still  lookin for better times.

There have been several asking form our friends and client to help us and dogs  over this really bad times.  Im wery thankfull and pleased from all of those messages and it really  touch us strongly how so many people think about us.

Almost 30 years our dogs have make  lot of people unforgettable memories on our trails and we still believe that  after these times we meet you still on trails our friends!

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